Logan’s Fall 2020 Plan + COVID-19 Updates

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Staying Active at Home

Women in white tank top and orange leggings stretches on the ground

By Laura Arnett, Testing Center Coordinator & Madeline Heinrich, Academic Success Records Coordinator We all know physical activity can help us stay fit, but what else can it do? Well, surprisingly, A LOT! Switching to online classes has changed our level of energy as well as our daily habits and routine. While we may think taking classes online is not much of a change, it really is. Walking across a room to your iPad and books is much different than getting in your car and driving to school, walking across campus, dropping kids off at daycare or even going to …

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That: Tips for Time Management

By Stacia Rosen and Terra Kneeland, Academic Success Coaches Life is hectic and crazy.  That’s a fact.  At first glance, schoolwork can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task.  Between family, work, children, and school, it’s a juggling act trying to keep everything in the air.  We know what you’re thinking.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  But, with proper time management skills and realistic expectations, it can be done!  Try these helpful tips to keep you on track and the gate keeper of your time! Create a Trimester At-a-Glance Calendar Developing a calendar that lays out the entire trimester …

The Search for Tomorrow’s Health Care Leaders

As the recent coronavirus pandemic has shown, health care providers are today’s superheroes. And these heroes are in short supply. Older providers are retiring while younger physicians are choosing specialties over primary care. Our growing geriatric population combined with the rising incidence of non-communicable conditions like cancer, diabetes and obesity strain our health care resources. And while advances in diagnostic and treatment technology present opportunities for longer, healthier lives, they have triggered more health care visits and expenses. It all adds up to a huge and growing demand for professionals in all areas of health care, and the demand outweighs …

Tips for Taming Writing Anxiety

No matter what your age, education or profession, staring at a blank page or blinking cursor can send fear to the heart of even the most experienced writer. Like many forms of anxiety, writing anxiety is often based on a fear of the process of writing or how the outcome of that process will be scrutinized by someone else. “Students and professional writers alike suffer anxiety about their writing,” explains Dr. Sheri McCord, Writing Center Coordinator at Logan University. “It’s only human to fear our words may be judged or may not clearly communicate what we meant to say in …

Logan Staff Host Weight Management Webinar

Theresa DeLorenzo, DCN, RD and Kelsey Boylan, DC

Faculty, staff and students are invited to join Theresa DeLorenzo, DCN, RD, program director for Logan’s Master’s in Nutrition & Human Performance, and Kelsey Boylan, DC, Integrated Health Center clinician and adjunct faculty, for a webinar on Weight Management the Healthy Way. The webinar will be held at 5:30 PM (CST) Tuesday, June 16. Please find Zoom information below: Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/91613593598 Meeting ID: 916 1359 3598