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Better Communication Makes for Better Care

Clear communication is critical to success in the health sciences. Logan’s Writing Center is here to help with any project involving communication at any stage in the composition process.

The Writing Center can help with not only papers, but also letters, scholarships, presentations–anything that involves using words or images to convey meaning. You don’t even need to have a draft to get help. The LWC can help with any stage of the writing process, from understanding the assignment to brainstorming to polishing the final draft.

We can also help with general questions and concerns; for example, if you have trouble understanding APA citation or want to talk about how to best convey your ideas in discussion board posts, we can talk about those issues. Think of the writing center as a place where experienced writers are ready and willing to help you out with any aspect of writing.

We offer two appointment options: real-time (on campus, phone, video, or live document sharing) or written feedback (via email within about 24 hours). Call 636-230-1878 or click one of the links below to get started!

Additional Resources

All Logan students have automatic access to the Logan Writing Center Canvas page, and now it’s even easier to get there! A new link has been added to every Canvas page’s Course Navigation Menu. Additionally, students can access subject matter tutoring in the same menu.