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Student Accounts

Student Accounts

The Office of Student Accounts is responsible for assessing tuition and fees and assisting students with options for paying tuition. The Student Accounts Office also assists students with book vouchers, 3rd-party payers and works closely with the Financial Aid Office to apply loans, scholarships, and grants to students accounts.

Emily Madden, Student Accounts Representative, is available to help students pay their tuition during the hours noted below.

Student Accounts Office


  • Monday–Friday 7:30am–4:00pm

Check, Certified Check, or Money Order

  • Checks should be made payable to Logan University and delivered to the Student Accounts Office or mailed to:
    • Logan University
      Attention: Student Accounts
      1851 Schoettler Road
      Chesterfield, MO 63017
  • In order to avoid a Late Payment Fee, checks or money orders that are mailed should be postmarked prior to the due date of the payment.

Credit Card

Students can access their account balance online via Self-Serve to make payment via credit card. Credit cards are also accepted in person at the Student Accounts Office. A valid ID matching the name on the credit card is required to pay in person.

Payment Plan

  • Students with a balance greater than $500 may apply for a payment plan, which divides the balance due into 3 equal installments due monthly on the first day of classes and each month thereafter.
  • A nonrefundable setup fee of $25 will be due with the first installment.
  • Students are responsible for making each payment on or before the prescribed installment due date. Each installment on the payment plan is subject to a Late Payment Fee of $100 if not made by the due date.
  • A conditional hold will be placed on the students’ account until the balance has been paid in full. This hold will still allow students to register for the next term of classes. However, if the balance is not resolved in accordance with the payment plan and in full by the last day of the last month of the current trimester, the conditions of the financial hold are considered violated and the student will be withdrawn from registration for any upcoming trimesters. Financial holds will be released when the balance due to the University is paid in full.
  • Students should contact the Student Accounts Representative prior to the first day of classes to apply for a payment plan and avoid the Late Payment Fee.

Financial Aid

Students who are interested in loans, scholarships or other types of aid should contact the Department of Financial Aid for more information.

GI Bill and Tuition Assistance

  • Logan University accepts GI Bill benefits for veterans and their dependents (as eligible) and Tuition Assistance for currently serving members of the military. Both the Department of Veterans Affairs and each service of the military maintain their own eligibility requirements, application process and restrictions.
  • The Registrars Office is responsible for certifying VA benefits. More information is available on their webpage.
  • Students who plan to use GI Bill or Tuition Assistance benefits should notify the Office of Student Accounts prior to the beginning of the trimester.
  • Logan University will not impose any penalty, including the assessment of late fees the denial of access to classes, libraries or other institutional facilities, or the requirement that a Chapter 31 or Chapter 33 recipient borrow additional funds to cover the individual’s inability to meet his or her financial obligations to the institution due to the delayed disbursement of a payment by the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Tuition Exchange Program (TEP)

  • Logan University participates in the Council of Independent Colleges Tuition Exchange Program (CIC-TEP). More information on the program, including how to apply, is available here

Tuition and fees are due prior to the first day of class. Tuition and fees for registrations during the drop/add period are due immediately upon registration. 

Students who do not pay tuition prior to the first day of class may be subject to a Late Payment Fee and will have a financial hold placed on their account, preventing registration in future terms and receipt of official transcripts and records.

For the latest due dates please visit our calendar.

Tuition Rates

Tuition rates vary based on program of study. Current tuition rates are available here.

Additional Fees assessed by Student Accounts

Late Registration Fee

  • Registration deadlines will be published in the Academic Calendar for each trimester. Students who do not complete their registration by the deadline will be charged a late registration fee of $100. Students should contact the Office of Student Accounts to make payment arrangements immediately after their late registration in order to avoid a late payment fee.

Late Payment Fee

  • Students who fail to pay the balance due, make arrangements for an approved payment plan, or those students who are eligible for and planning to take advantage of financial aid but do not complete all required documentation for the financial aid process to be completed so funds can be released, will be charged a late payment fee of $100. 

Insufficient Funds Fee

  • A service charge of $10 will be charged for any check submitted to the university that is not honored by the bank. In such cases, all subsequent payments to the university must be cash, credit card, or in the form of a certified check or money order. In addition, the student will be required to pay the late payment fee.


  • Students may be charged other fines and fees such as fines for overdue library resources, color copying charges or parking fines.

Doctor of Chiropractic program

If a Doctor of Chiropractic student reduces his/her course load, the reduction represents a change in enrollment status, not a withdrawal.

  • Reductions in course load that reduce credits to nine or less through Friday of the second week of the trimester will receive a 100 percent refund of the tuition based on the credits dropped below the 12-credit minimum for flat rate tuition.
  • After the last day of the second week, no refunds will be given.

All other programs

15 Week Trimester Courses

  • 100% if dropped through Friday of the second week of the trimester.
  • 75% if withdrawal through Friday of the third week of the trimester.
  • 50% if withdrawal through Friday of the fourth week of the trimester.
  • 25% if withdrawal through Friday of the fifth week of the trimester.
  • No refund of tuition from the sixth week through the end of the trimester.

Session/FAST Courses

  • 100% if dropped through Friday of the first week of the session.
  • 75% if withdrawal through Friday of the second week of the session.
  • 50% if withdrawal through Friday of the third week of the session.
  • 25% if withdrawal through the Friday of the fourth week of the session.
  • No refund of tuition from the fifth week through the end of the session.

Weekend Electives

  • 100% if dropped prior to the first-class meeting date
  • No refund of tuition after the first-class meeting date

Availability of Refunds

The Office of Student Accounts processes student loan refunds and overpayment refunds on a weekly basis.

Students should sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer (commonly known as EFT, ACH or direct deposit) to receive their loan or overpayment refund electronically.

Students who do not sign up for EFT will receive a paper check. Checks can be picked up from the Student Accounts Office. If checks are not picked up within two weeks they will be mailed to the address on file.

Enrolling in EFT

Click here to access the Student EFT Form. Use your Logan email to login and complete all required fields. Please note you will need to upload a verification document such as a void check or other document from your bank. 

Students enrolling in EFT at the beginning of a trimester should complete the EFT enrollment form at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of classes to ensure it is processed before refunds are issued. 

Students are responsible for notifying the University immediately if their banking information changes. This can be communicated by completing the form and selecting the radio button for “Change” at the top. 

EFT is only available for banks located within the United States. 

More information on Logan University’s Book Voucher program is available here.

  • What is a 1098-T?
    • IRS Form 1098-T is an informational tax form that is used by eligible educational institutions to report amounts received for qualified tuition and related expense payments for each student that is enrolled. Logan University is an eligible educational institution and is required by law to file these forms with the IRS and to provide students with a copy.
  • What are qualified expenses?
    • Qualified expenses include tuition and fees required for enrollment and course materials required to be paid to the institution.
  • Why do I need a 1098-T and what should I do with it?
    • The 1098-T form may enable students to take advantage of tax credits such as the Lifetime Learning Credit and the American Opportunity Credit. Consult a tax advisor for information about your eligibility for these credits.
  • Why is my Social Security Number needed?
    • The IRS will not accept a 1098-T form without your Tax Identification Numbers (TIN). In almost all cases, the TIN will be your social security number. If you believe you may have a different TIN to report on the 1098-T, please contact Student Accounts.You may receive a 1098-T form without a TIN, but you would not be able to claim any tax credits for which you are eligible. If you receive a 1098-T without your TIN, we will send you a revised form upon receipt of a completed W-9S. If you have not submitted your TIN to Logan, please click HERE to securely transmit your tax identification number.
  • When will I receive my 1098-T?
    • Logan is required by law to file a copy of the 1098-T no later than January 31 each year. If January 31 falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is the following Monday.
  • How will I receive my 1098-T?
    • Logan will issue you an electronic and a mailed copy of your 1098-T. The electronic copy will be sent to you using a secured third-party service. The mailed copy will be addressed to your preferred address on file. If you need to update your contact information, please do so via Self-Serve as soon as possible.