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The Extra Help to Succeed

Whether you take classes on-campus or online, Logan offers several types of tutoring services. Tutors may be teaching assistants, adjunct faculty or full-time faculty with the appropriate expertise to help students reach their academic goals. Get ahead of the game with high-demand courses in anatomy, functional anatomy, biochemistry and neuroanatomy by securing assistance early. Undergraduate and Master’s Degree courses may be supported by tutors with strengths in specific topic areas of the courses.

Faculty Office Hours

If you have questions about a subject or an assignment, talk with your instructor first. Faculty hold office hours for one hour each week during the trimester. Office hours are outlined in the course syllabus. You may also email or call your instructor. You can reasonably expect a response within 24 hours on weekdays when classes are in session. Over breaks and weekends, you may expect a response within 24 hours of the return to regular class schedules.

Peer Tutoring

Logan offers a free peer-tutoring program through the Department of Student Affairs. Peer tutors must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, an earned grade of A or B in the course they wish to tutor, have an interview with the Assistant Dean of Student Success, fill out an application with faculty recommendation, and be able to provide individual or group tutoring in areas such as the Academic Success Center or other areas decided upon by the tutor and the student.

Access Peer Tutors on Canvas

You can access the list of peer tutors conveniently through Canvas or the Canvas app. Navigate into one of your courses, and click “Find a Tutor” from the menu.

From there:

• Select the class for which you wish to seek tutoring support from the drop down menu.
• Select a tutor from the displayed list and contact them via email, text or phone to schedule a session.
• When communicating with the tutor, identify yourself and your tutoring request.
• Small group and individual tutoring can be scheduled through each tutor.

We're Here to Help

If you experience any difficulties at any point in the process, please contact :

Erica Ehrhard
Phone: 636-230-1924
Email: Erica.Ehrhard@logan.edu

Teaching Assistants

Some courses have teaching assistants available to help faculty with classroom delivery and management. In these courses, teaching assistants may also hold additional review sessions and office hours.

Open Technique Lab

Logan offers Faculty Technique tutoring and Open Technique Lab to allow students to practice chiropractic techniques under the supervision of a licensed doctor. Students must be enrolled in or have earned credit in the technique they are practicing and the faculty member staffing the Open Lab must approve the practicing of the technique. The faculty member may deny a student practice time if the faculty member has safety concerns, is not trained in the particular technique, or if the student does not meet the aforementioned criteria.

Academic Success Coaches

Your Academic Success Coach can help you access study skills and time management seminars.

Video Technology

Online students can access comparable tutoring services through video technology. Contact your Academic Success Coach or the Office of Student Affairs to make arrangements. Online students are encouraged to email the Academic Support Program Manager for any questions about how to access a tutor for specific courses that are less of a demand and are not displayed in the drop down menu.

Virtual Tutoring

Tutors are available to meet virtually through ZOOM!

To schedule a virtual tutoring appointment, follow the above Peer Tutoring on Canvas directions a time. When scheduling your session, discuss the option to meet virtually.  Once the session time is confirmed, download ZOOM:

Getting Started

  1. Go to https://Zoom.us (Links to an external site)
  2. In the right hand corner, select the sign in link
  3. Select Sign up Free to create your free account
    Use your Logan email to create this account. This will allow you to make appointments and send the access code/link to your individual meetings, to their Outlook Logan email account

Set-up Tutoring Session

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Select My Meetings link on left side bar
  3. Label the “Topic” as your (tutor) name, and the course (ex: Joe Smith-Physics tutoring)
  4. Set the appropriate time (remember to include/discuss time zone), and duration of the tutoring appointment
  5. Keep all other default options
  6. Select Schedule
  7. Copy and Paste and send invitation link to the student