Human Performance Center

Doctors of Chiropractic seek to improve human health and performance. In addition to the Doctor of Chiropractic Degree, many students and chiropractors have decided to further their education in the arena of sports rehabilitation with a Master of Science Degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation.

Human Performance Center Locations

Patients can choose from two Human Performance Centers in the St. Louis area.

Montgomery Health Center
BIOFREEZE® Human Performance Center
1851 Schoettler Road
Chesterfield, MO 63017
Southfield Health Center
BIOFREEZE® Human Performance Center
5422 Southfield Center
St. Louis, MO 63123

BIOFREEZE Human Performance Center

Frequently Asked Questions About Logan University's Human Performance Centers

Besides chiropractic care, what other services are offered through the Human Performance Centers?

From amateur to professional athletes, everyone wants to perform to their highest capability. To meet this demand, the Doctors of Chiropractic at these Centers provide these additional services:
  • Pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation and management for the spine and extremities
  • Pre- and post-athletic injury management and triage for the spine and extremities
  • Performance exercise testing and prescription
  • Athletic performance enhancement training
  • Collegiate and high school integrated sports rehabilitation treatment
  • Elementary school movement programs

Why choose Logan's Human Performance Centers?

As a top chiropractic college, Logan is staffed with highly qualified senior interns, residents and chiropractic sports physicians who treat injuries from a sports performance perspective. Spinal and extremity complaints are resolved quickly with steps and procedures that will maximize human performance. Our teams of skilled Doctors of Chiropractic and interns will design exercise and rehabilitation programs specific to each athlete.

I’m not an elite athlete; can I still be treated at one of the Human Performance Centers?

All athletes can benefit from the services offered, from the elite high school and college athlete to weekend warriors, looking to improve their game. From injury rehabilitation to injury prevention, athletes at all levels can be treated.

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