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The Benefits of Earning a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) Degree

A Doctor of Education degree, or Ed.D., is a professional degree designed for individuals interested in pursuing leadership and administrative roles in the field of education.

A few benefits of earning an Ed.D. include:

Career advancement – An Ed.D. can significantly enhance an educator’s career prospects and opportunities in higher-level positions. It can be especially valuable for professionals who aspire to become administrators or teach at the college level. The advanced knowledge this degree provides demonstrates a commitment to professional growth and can make candidates stand out in the job market.

Credibility and prestige – Earning an Ed.D. shows that an individual is dedicated to continuous learning, specialized knowledge, and expertise in educational leadership. This doctoral degree carries prestige that can be helpful in seeking leadership roles.

Research skills – Ed.D. programs often include research, which equips graduates with the skills to critically evaluate educational practices, conduct studies, and contribute to evidence-based decisions. Also, these programs focus on problem-solving and addressing issues in the field of study.

Expertise in educational leadership – An Ed.D. provides advanced knowledge and skills in educational leadership and management. By focusing on strategic thinking, research and leadership skills, this terminal education degree can help prepare individuals to lead organizations effectively.

Logan University now offers a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Health Professions Education. This degree aims to educate individuals who have a passion for teaching the next generation of health care professionals. The degree is 100 percent online and is open to qualified candidates who come from both clinical and non-clinical backgrounds.

“The need for quality educators in health professions continues to grow, and this degree offers our students the necessary practical and educational foundations to train, teach, and mentor other health care professionals,” said Program Director Laura Rauscher, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, ACS, CTMH.

For more information, connect with admissions@logan.edu or contact the program director at laura.rauscher@logan.edu.