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Symposium 2024: What’s New

Logan University is looking forward to welcoming chiropractors and health science professionals to the 2024 Symposium at St. Louis Union Station. The event is taking place on Friday, April 12 and Saturday, April 13 and will provide continuing education opportunities, chiropractic seminars, networking events and more.

This year, some changes were made to the event to increase engagement and learning opportunities.

One new addition to this year’s Symposium is Bring your Chiropractic Office Staff Day on Friday. Chiropractors, chiropractic assistants, office managers, receptionists, billing specialists and administrative staff are encouraged to join. Led by Kathy Weidner (Mills-Chang), MCS-P, CPCO, CCPC, CCCA, this comprehensive training will teach you and your team how to master best practices to propel your practice to greater prosperity and stability. This session will empower your staff to drive increased financial success, exceptional patient care, increased engagement and motivation. Registration for the 8-hour program is $99, and all who attend are welcome to join the Loomis Mix & Mingle (6:30 – 8:00 pm) directly after for food and refreshments.

“From the doctor to the front desk to the billing department, every team member plays a vital role in ensuring financial success, while following important regulatory guidance,” said Amber Henry, EdD, Logan’s Director of Continuing Education.

Learn more about Bring your Chiropractic Office Staff Day here. Learn more about Kathy Weidner (Mills Chang) here.

In addition, the Symposium will feature 36 breakout session options. These breakout sessions are highly beneficial for attendees as they enhance the overall learning experience and cater to diverse interests and expertise levels. Breakout sessions provide a platform for in-depth exploration of specific topics, allowing participants to delve deeper into subjects that align with their individual preferences and professional needs. This personalized approach allows a more engaging and interactive environment, encouraging active participation and meaningful discussions among attendees. In addition, technique refresher and overviews will be offered throughout the event, taught by specialists of each technique.

View the 2024 Symposium schedule here to see all breakout session options.

This year’s Symposium offers 19 total hours of continuing education (CE) courses. There are 15 in-person CE hour opportunities offered at the Symposium and four additional CE hour opportunities offered online to be taken after the event.

“Integrating online courses alongside the in-person sessions brings forth numerous advantages for attendees. The hybrid approach provides flexibility, catering to diverse schedules and allowing participants to access the educational content from the comfort of their own environment,” explained Dr. Henry.

Additionally, the online courses encourage ongoing learning beyond the event itself, allowing attendees to revisit materials, discuss with individuals they met at the event and reinforce their understanding at their own pace.


Registration for the 2024 Symposium is available online here. If you’re interested in becoming an exhibitor or sponsor, download the informational packet found here.