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Symposium 2024: A Family Affair

As we approach Symposium 2024 on April 12-13, Logan University is preparing to welcome more than 40 speakers to St. Louis Union Station. Included in those speakers are two sets of family members: father and daughter Terry and Alicia Yochum and sister and brother Mary Unger-Boyd and Joseph Unger.

Terry Yochum, DC, DACBR, Fellow, ACCR, FICC is the current director of the Rocky Mountain Chiropractic Radiological Center in Denver and an adjunct professor of radiology at the Southern California University of Health Sciences. His daughter, Alicia M. Yochum, RN, DC (’11), DACBR, RMSK, began her health care career as a nurse in intensive care units but ultimately chose to go another route.

“When she decided to become a chiropractor, I hoped she might consider radiology and follow in my footsteps, but I never wanted to pressure her,” Dr. Terry said. “As it turned out, she did! Two of the most exciting days in my life were when I found out Alicia was going to attend chiropractic college and later when she finished her radiology residency.”

Alicia is a 2011 summa cum laude graduate of Logan’s Doctor of Chiropractic program and completed her imaging residency at Logan in 2015.

“She is the only second-generation Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Radiology in the history of chiropractic,” Dr. Terry said. “It’s quite a significant accomplishment that her mother and I are very proud of.”

The Yochums will be presenting two sessions together at 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 13 titled, “Look What Just Walked into My Office – Case Studies From My Practice.”

“The case studies will deal with biomechanics, posture, sports-related injuries and various aspects of bone pathology,” Dr. Terry said. “These are actual cases that have been presented to chiropractors for treatment.”



Mary Unger-Boyd, DC (’97), DICS, CACCP owns a private practice in Cedar Hill, MO, and is a professor at Logan. She teaches Sacro Occipital Technic (SOT®), Logan Basic Methods, Pediatrics, and myofascial techniques. Her brother, Joseph F. Unger, DC (’79), FICS has been presenting at seminars throughout the United States, Japan, Europe, Australia and Brazil since his graduation from Logan. In 1984 he began teaching SOT® and chiropractic craniopathy at Logan.

“Mary and I have trained extensively in accelerated learning techniques with the founder of neurolinguistics, Dr. John Grinder,” Dr. Unger said. “For decades we have modeled our classroom deliveries in accordance with advanced learning technologies. Mary truly understands these constructs and employs these technologies in her presentations.”

“Joe is such a master in SOT® and chiropractic craniopathy,” Dr. Unger-Boyd said. “I learn something new every time I attend one of his trainings. He has taught all over the world, and his expertise shines through with tidbits you cannot get out of a book. He is a walking encyclopedia.”

The brother and sister have previously presented at the same seminars nationally, but they are excited to speak in their own backyard to their Logan family.

“Over the past almost half a century of attending instructional events, I am consistently impressed with the quality and applicability of sessions provided at Logan University’s Symposium,” Dr. Unger said. “I am honored to present at this stellar event and truly hope to provide an educational experience worthy of this institution’s dedication to excellence in our profession.”

On Saturday, April 13 at 10:30 a.m., Dr. Unger will present, “A Model of Visceral Somatic Reflexes in Chiropractic: Anatomy, Neurology and Therapeutic Strategies.”

“This presentation provides a survey of some of the pertinent information on a viable model of how spinal dysfunctions impact organ function and how the organs influence spinal structures,” Dr. Unger said. “Attendees will have a clearer understanding of how these relationships are rooted in fundamental neurology and physiology as well as chiropractic philosophy. Additionally, the role of nutrition and nutritional therapies will be explored, providing a hypothesis as to how these therapies may be essential to chiropractic treatments. Participants will gain a greater understanding of the philosophy, art and science of their profession as well as greater confidence and competence in providing effective therapies for their patients.”

Dr. Unger-Boyd will also be speaking on Saturday at 2 p.m. She will give a presentation titled, “Lumbar Vertebrogenic/Discogenic Protocols in SOT® Methods.”

“This session will provide information on the evaluation and management of lumbar segmental dysfunction with low-force methods utilizing protocols from Sacro Occipital Technic,” Dr. Unger-Boyd said. “This will include pelvic blocking and orthopedic blocking for the lumbar spine.  You will also learn additional methods to work with piriformis syndrome.”


Register for Symposium 2024 here and view the full schedule of speakers here.