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Joseph F. Unger, DC, FICS

Dr. Joseph Unger began premedical studies in zoology later adding a second major in psychology in order to better understand people. Through this educational process philosophical concerns with the medical model arose and he chose a career in chiropractic. Through his studies at Logan University became acquainted with the chiropractic pioneer, Major Bertrand De Jarnette DC and his Sacro Occipital Technic™ Methods of chiropractic and chiropractic craniopathy.

Upon graduation in January 1979, he began teaching SOT® for “The Major” and the Sacro Occipital Research Society International, Inc. (SORSI). Concurrently he also taught at the Missouri College of Naturopathic Medicine. At seminars conducted by the late Dr. James Parker he and his then manager, Mary Unger – Boyd, were introduced to accelerated learning and personal development techniques called NLP. The two of them went on to become certified in neurolinguistics and accelerated learning, Mary becoming advanced certified. These concepts and constructs are built into training programs they present in chiropractic.

Dr. Unger went on to present seminars throughout the United States, Japan, Europe, Australia and Brazil. He is been involved with the SORSI Board of Directors since 1979 and has been on numerous committees, and is currently past president of that organization, chairing its research committee. In January 1984 Dr. Unger began teaching SOT at Logan University and still teaches that elective technique.

Dr. Unger has delivered presentations and some of his personal research at numerous events such as the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC – Tokyo, Japan and Canada), ACC/RAC, and both of the chiropractic centennial celebrations (Washington DC and Davenport, Iowa), Logan postgraduate department, and others.

Having studied and utilized chiropractic craniopathy for over 45 years, he recognizes the tremendous value of this underappreciated art and science. To promote this unique therapy, he determined the need for public awareness and committed to producing a book on the subject. The project led to a variety of investigations and research studies spanning almost 15 years finally producing a manuscript. Brain Matters, The Missing Link – Releasing the Hidden Healing Power of Your Brain went to publication in late 2019.