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Student Perspective: Why Volunteer at Symposium

Volunteering for Logan events is a great way to get involved on campus and to give back to your university. Trimester 5 student Christopher Dailey provides some insight as to why he volunteers annually for Symposium.

Why is volunteering important to you?

Volunteering is important to me because it gives me the opportunity to serve the world.

Why have you chosen to volunteer at Symposium?

I have chosen to volunteer at Symposium because this is an opportunity to serve Logan University and learn more about the chiropractic profession while networking with others.

What roles or jobs have you had while volunteering at Symposium?

The role I have had while volunteering at Symposium is registering attendees into the event and assisting the vendors.

Why do you think volunteering at Symposium (or in general) is beneficial?

I think volunteering at Symposium or in general is beneficial because you are able to serve, gain professional experiences and build relationships with others.

Register to volunteer at or attend this year’s Symposium at Logan.edu/Symposium.