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Logan Staff Member & MSHI Student Graduates This Winter

With a thirst for knowledge and a desire to help others, Sara Thoele found her place at Logan University as both a staff member and student.

Following her graduation from Cornell College in 2013, Sara’s plans of being a social worker changed after having to move home to help take care of her grandmother.

“After moving home, I wasn’t sure what to do,” Sara said. “Finding the position as a patient service representative at Logan University’s Southfield Health Center – and at the Stephen A. Orthwein Center – was serendipitous.”

Saras responsibilities at the Orthwein Center include welcoming patients for their appointments, filing paperwork, answering phone calls and patient questions, and serving as the first point of contact for Logan visitors. She also helps organize community events and serves as a liaison for a medicaid expansion grant.

“I didn’t have any experience with chiropractic care before working at Logan, so everything was brand new to me,” explained Sara. “But as luck would have it, it was exactly what I needed.”

After working at Logan for a little over eight years, Logan clinician and assistant professor Patricia Estrada, DC (‘99) began encouraging Sara to enroll in Logan’s Master of Science in Health Informatics (MSHI) program.

“Dr. Estrada knew me well and recommended I take the MSHI introduction course,” said Sara. “When I took the leadership class that first semester, I realized it was something I really wanted to do.”

Sara enrolled in the MSHI program in May 2022. Continuing to work full-time while completing her degree has been no simple task, but Sara has found a support system at Logan.

“I have gotten a lot of encouragement and support from my co-workers, as well as other students,” said Sara. “We talk with each other all the time, asking questions and motivating one another. It’s nice to have people there to help if you need it.”

Sara is set to graduate in December.

“With this degree, I’m really excited about the opportunities to grow in my current role and beyond,” explained Sara. “I am looking forward to graduating soon and would love to stay at Logan, continuing to help our community the best that I can.”