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Believe to Achieve

Dr. Megan Zacheis, Academic Success Coach

Let’s take a few minutes and look forward 5 years into our future. Where are you? What type of career do you have? Where do you see yourself working?  Who are you surrounded by? Where are you living? Are you successful?

Write these thoughts down on a piece of paper and place it in a space that is visible; somewhere that you will notice it often. Make sure you place it in a space that will allow you to view it every single day; perhaps posting it on your bathroom mirror or bedroom door. The visions that you see are your long-term goals. It’s sounds like a simple exercise, but it’s an important part of achieving success in your long-term goals.

Then, start acting on your goals. Take small steps each day focusing on the things you want to achieve. Every small step will add up over time helping to accomplish your achievements.

While this seems like a simple exercise, it’s incredibly helpful in identifying long-term goals and achieving goals. Visualizing the future is an important component of setting and achieving goals. Larger goals can be offset into smaller goals. Accomplishing the smaller goals will place you on the path to achieve the long-term goals you set.

An important part in being successful is identifying the things in life you want to achieve. Where do you see yourself when you think about the future? As a student, you take small steps towards graduation every trimester. You are taking the steps towards graduation and earning your degree. Overtime, the small steps will allow you to reach the larger goals you set.

Goals are an important part of being successful and getting where we want to be. Think about the things in life you want to achieve. Then write them down. Share your goals and dreams with someone you can trust. These are small actions that will assist you in achieving your goals.

Create the vision and go after it. Believe in yourself.  Life is about taking chances and taking calculated risks. When you establish your long-term vision and continuously review it, you start to implement the necessary actions to achieve your goals.

Although the goals may feel far off in the distance, we see ourselves living out the plan and know that one day, it’s going to be within reach.  We start to pick up speed and accelerate with momentum.

Find your why. Establish a vision. Share it with someone.  Identify a plan. Overcome obstacles. See yourself doing it and believe you can.

Schedule time with your Academic Success Coach or the Career Services to discuss your goals. We are happy to help with goal setting!