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Suzanne Seekins, DC, DICS presents lecture

Suzanne Seekins, DC, DICS to Present Pediatric Certificate Course

July 18-19, 2020
Chiropractic Pediatrics – Session #1
Instructor: Suzanne Seekins, DC, DICS

We are excited to have Dr. Suzanne Seekins back on campus live and in person to present Session #1 of the two session, 24-hour Pediatric Certificate Course.

In this session Dr. Seekins begins with Pre-Natal Development of the Cranium. This discussion includes material on the most common pediatric conditions with known cranial etiologies. In hours two and three she presents Pre-Natal Treatment of Gravid Female to Prevent Cranial Distortion Patterns. These hours are devoted to the gravid female in various manageable conditions that respond favorably to chiropractic intervention. In hour four Dr. Seekins conducts a hands-on workshop for the treatments and material covered last hour. Hour five is on Cranial Molding and Cranial Examination of the Neonate. In hours five, six, and seven Dr. Seekins demonstrates Infant Cranial Corrections and allows ample workshop time. In hours eight and nine the Neonatal Correction instruction continues with continued workshop experience. In hour ten Dr. Seekins discusses Plagiocephaly. She wraps up Session #1 with two hours of corrections of the cranial strain patterns with a workshop.

Dr. Seekins is a 1990 graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic. She is Certified Advanced Proficiency SOT by the Sacral Occipital Research Society International, Certified Craniopath by the International Craniopathic Society, and she is a Diplomate of the International Craniopathic Society. Dr. Seekins was the International Chiropractor of the Year Award winner by SORSI in 2011 and the recipient of Logan University’s Dr. Beatrice Hagen Award in 2019. She has presented a large number of lectures and seminars on chiropractic pediatric practice around the country.

Times:             Saturday 1:00pm – 7:00pm             Sunday: 8:00am – 2:00pm
Tuition per session:    $265 Regular Registration

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