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Logan Student Ambassadors, Casey Mullen and Kevin Meyer

Student Ambassadors Help New Students Transition to Virtual Life at Logan

For any student starting school this summer, the transition post-pandemic means beginning the school year online rather than on campus. This can be a challenge for many students as they adjust to a new class rigor. Logan University’s student ambassadors are available to help students begin their new chapter in chiropractic and health sciences in a virtual way.

“As an ambassador for Logan, I’m trying to make new students feel like they’re involved even though it’s virtual, so when they come back to campus they don’t feel left out of anything,” trimester 6 DC student Casey Mullen said.

Both Casey and trimester 9 DC student Kevin Meyer have been working 24/7 to make sure they are available via phone, text, or video chat to answer incoming students’ questions.

“This has been different than the on-campus experience we’re used to, but we’ve been intentional about transitioning virtually and doing a lot of outreach with students,” Kevin said. “I’ve been able to help answer questions from prospective students via text and connecting with them on Zoom.”

Incoming student orientations have been held on Zoom, allowing students the opportunity to interact with Logan faculty, student ambassadors and new classmates.

“Ambassadors are a big force bringing students to Logan,” Kevin said. “I came on a whim and when I saw the positive influence my student ambassadors had on me, I wanted to give back to students who may be on the fence and help them make the transition easier.”

One reason why the ambassador-student relationship is so important is because Logan student ambassadors are the first people new students get to meet and interact with as they begin their career at Logan.

“I get so many emails, texts and messages as an ambassador; many new students reach out to ambassadors before anyone else because we’ve already met them during their campus tours, and they’re already nervous enough starting a new program at Logan,” Casey said.

Feeling comfortable starting a new school experience is key, and although moving online has been a difficult adjustment for ambassadors and new students alike, the connection is irreplaceable.

“I would advocate for students to become an ambassador because one of the most positive things I’ve done at Logan is being able to talk to students and their families about Logan and chiropractic,” Kevin said.

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