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MS-NHP’s Online Format Enables Student to Pursue Career Goals

Karla Curran first considered pursuing her master’s degree in nutrition while working as a personal trainer. Although many of her clients had well-rounded workout routines, she realized most did not know what to eat and drink to feel and perform at their best.

“They had no problem working out, but they didn’t know where to even begin with their nutrition,” Karla said. “It was a huge gap for them. I was also personally interested in how nutrition can enhance athletic performance because I am an avid weightlifter and runner.”

Karla chose Logan’s Master of Science in Nutrition & Human Performance (MS-NHP) program after a friend in the university’s Doctor of Chiropractic program recommended it to her. As a personal trainer, high school science teacher and mother, Karla also liked the convenience and flexibility of Logan’s MS-NHP. Offered 100 percent online, she could complete her degree from anywhere on her own schedule.

Now in her eighth trimester, Karla has enjoyed the courses she has taken so far.

“Each class I have taken has a similar setup, so they are easy to follow, and I know what to expect,” Karla said. “Most of my instructors have also given great feedback and have always been willing to help or answer questions at any time.”

While pursuing her MS-NHP has been a rewarding experience, it has not always been easy for Karla. She began the program in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, and her husband had recently joined the United States Navy. During his deployments Karla has had to juggle caring for their infant daughter, working almost 30 hours per week and her coursework.

“Each trimester has brought major challenges,” Karla said. “But I am excited and proud of myself for being just two trimesters away from graduating while managing all these responsibilities and maintaining a 4.0 GPA.”

After graduation Karla plans to teach nutrition at a college or university as an adjunct professor while also coaching nutrition online. Down the road she plans to open a gym and meal preparation business with her husband once he leaves the Navy.

“Our plan is to have a one-stop shop for training and nutrition to help our clients reach their goals in the best possible way,” Karla said. “I cannot wait to graduate and start making a difference in the health and fitness world.”

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