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Logan Professor Retires After 40 Year Legacy, Awarded Professor Emeritus

Mike Wittmer, DC (’80) always had two rules as a member of Logan’s faculty. “Rule 1: Help students become a successful DC. Rule 2: Refer to Rule 1.”

Last week, Dr. Wittmer retired from Logan after 40 years of teaching — a role he never expected to last more than a trimester. “I was only out for four years,” said Wittmer who graduated from Logan in 1980. “But I always felt that Logan was special. I liked the school, I liked what we were doing and I was excited about the opportunities.”

“As for teaching, I always thought it was something I’d do later. But I had some experience and felt like the older brother to the students … then I became the father, and now I’m the grandfather. Life goes fast, but I wouldn’t have done anything different. Even if I won the lottery, it wouldn’t have changed a thing. Maybe just to help more people.”

Dr. Wittmer was known at Logan for teaching the Diversified Technique and equally known for his achievements in weightlifting. He also spent many years in Logan’s Health Centers as the Chief of Clinical Services and received the Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award in 2013. Over the last four decades, he estimates teaching more than 10,000 students, many of whom be stays in touch with through email and social media.

As for achievements, Dr. Wittmer says he always thought it was more about the students, that it was what he did. “If I had to pick a favorite moment or student, it’s impossible. It would slight so many others,” he said. “Sometimes I’ll be really surprised by something that I don’t think is a big deal. I just did what I did, but it’s humbling. One former student sent me a picture of a new truck he bought with cash. He said, ‘I was able to do that because of you. You encouraged me, gave me confidence, and gave me faith in my ability to be successful. I owe this to you.’ It’s been a rewarding career.”

Just as Dr. Wittmer’s students looked to him as a mentor, Dr. Wittmer had mentors of his own, such as Dr. George Goodman who paid special attention to him during his lumbar adjusting course and Dr. Hillgartner who took time to show cases to students every Friday. “To this day, I can say I was successful because what I learned from them.”

While Dr. Wittmer is leaving Logan, by no means is he retiring from the profession of helping others. He remains at Wittmer Rejuvenation Clinic with his son Jeff Wittmer where he continues to make a difference in the lives of those he meets. “I look forward to every day and feel very blessed.”

Dr. Wittmer was awarded the Professor Emeritus status by Logan President Clay McDonald, DC, MBA, JD on April 26.