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#LeadersMade: Sydney Brangenberg

Sydney Brangenberg, Logan DC student, always knew she wanted to practice chiropractic internationally after graduation. “I love how chiropractors are able to provide ways of maintaining wellness without pharmaceuticals, and it’s exciting to think that I can travel to another country and share my knowledge and care in a region where there aren’t many practitioners,” she said.

Taking this passion to Logan, Sydney joined the University’s chapter of the World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS). In 2020, she became the Americas West Coordinator for the international organization. “Holding a leadership position allows me to teach people around the world and support them in their career in chiropractic,” Sydney said.

The WCCS consists of four regions: Americas, Africa, Western Pacific and Europe. Sydney is one of two representatives for the Americas region, and her job is to facilitate communication between the schools with WCCS chapters and the organization’s board of directors. Mainly serving as a student support system and a professional network, WCCS is run entirely by students and recent graduates.

Sydney will soon be looking to utilize the connections she has made through WCCS as she nears graduation. “Within Logan, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to meet other people and learn about everything chiropractic encompasses,” Sydney said. “I’ve also been able to learn and grow as a person.”

Sydney hopes to continue sharing the knowledge she gains from Logan with chiropractic students around the world in her position as Americas West Coordinator. “I enjoy advocating for students all over the world in their individual chapters,” Sydney said. “Not only does WCCS help you meet students in other countries, but it also helps you understand how chiropractic is viewed and performed around the world.”