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How to Apply to Chiropractic School

For many who are interested in pursuing a career as a chiropractor, taking the next step and applying to chiropractic schools can seem intimidating. To help prospective Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) students navigate the application process, Catherine Sippel, Logan University’s associate director of admissions, offers insight into when to apply, how to make your application stand out and more.

Catherine Sippel
Catherine Sippel, associate director of admissions for Logan University

Q: Why should I consider applying to chiropractic school?

Pursuing a DC degree will give you the opportunity to help people. As a conservative and natural form of health care, chiropractic provides options beyond more invasive surgery and potentially addictive medications. Additionally, whether you open your own practice or work in a clinical setting with other health care professionals, chiropractors can achieve good work-life balance with flexible schedules. It’s also a hands-on career that is ideal if you like to be on your feet interacting with others as opposed to sitting at a desk for most of the day.

Q: Am I a good fit for chiropractic school?

Whether it’s exercise science, kinesiology, biology or a pre-health care professional track, people with backgrounds in science tend to be well-prepared for DC programs; however, I’ve worked with students from all kinds of different backgrounds who majored or had careers in everything from business to communications to psychology. If you have a passion for helping people, you work hard, and you want to do something more hands-on, you are likely who chiropractic programs are looking for.

Q: When should I apply to chiropractic school?

I recommend applying at least a year prior to when you’d like to begin a DC program. This will give you plenty of time to gather the materials needed for the application, decide which school you’d like to attend if you applied to more than one, and prepare to relocate if necessary.

Q: Does chiropractic school require any entrance exams?

Most chiropractic schools do not require applicants to take any entrance exams, including the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) Test, but it is important to check with each institution you plan to apply to.

Q: What does a chiropractic school application look like?

Every program’s application will look a bit different, but most will require you to fill out an online form asking for basic personal information like your name and telephone number. They’ll also ask you to share official transcripts from any previous colleges or universities you attended. Additionally, many schools request a letter of recommendation from a licensed DC or another professional as well as an essay outlining why you are interested in a career in chiropractic and your plans for when you graduate.

Q: How can I make my chiropractic school application stand out?

Having a strong academic background is important. While all chiropractic programs require students to have at least 90 semester hours of undergraduate coursework, you can help distinguish yourself with a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher, extracurricular activities and leadership positions. Most schools do not require you to shadow a chiropractor before applying, but you should demonstrate that you are familiar with chiropractic in some capacity, whether you were a patient or had an internship. In your essay, be sure to emphasize your passion for helping others, interest in the human body and desire to be hands-on.

Q: What if I don’t have a strong science background or meet the minimum undergraduate GPA requirements?

Most schools provide alternative tracks for people who took a less traditional route to entering the chiropractic profession. Reach out to the admissions team at the school you are interested in applying to and ask if there is a path for you.

For example, Logan offers several pathways such as the 3+3 Program, the Early College Credit Program, and the Alternative Admissions Track Program (AATP).

Q: What is the cost to apply to chiropractic school?

Application fees tend to range from $50 to $100. Because applying to a lot of schools can be expensive and time consuming, prospective students should do their research ahead of time. Each school will have different chiropractic philosophies, core and required techniques, elective and clinical opportunities, concurrent master’s degree programs and more. Narrow your list to the institutions that best fit your needs and interests.

Sometimes prospective students can have their application fees waived if they apply during a campus visit. At Logan, we waive applications fees for anyone who applies in person during Future Leopard Weekend.

Q: What are the next steps after acceptance?

Once you decide which school you’d like to attend, work with the admissions team to complete any financial aid documents, find housing near campus, and navigate the orientation process.

Q: Where can I learn more about applying to chiropractic school?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or anyone else from Logan’s admissions team with questions. Applying does not have to be the first time you interact with us. We are here to support you from your initial inquiry to your acceptance and beyond.

Learn more about applying to Logan’s DC program or submit an application.