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Career Paths for Chiropractors

Once you graduate, finding a fulfilling job that you love may seems like a challenge but for Logan University Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) graduates, there are endless career opportunities. Take a look at a few places our Logan graduates have been making an impact after receiving their DC degrees – some of these career paths may be unexpected.

Mike Murphy, DC (’95) has been serving as the official chiropractor for the St. Louis Blues for nearly 25 years. In this position, he works with the athletes on an integrated approach to prevent and treat injuries.

“During my time treating Kelly [Chase], I asked if I could talk to his trainer about the injury. When I did, the trainer said he appreciated that phone call. He then followed up with another player who had a back injury and asked me to take a look. Eventually, I was traveling with the team providing chiropractic care and part of their integrated health team.”

Kevin Meyers, DC (’20) completed his preceptorship at the St. Clair County VA Clinic in Shiloh, Illinois. Now he works with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) where he helps veterans with chronic pain and improving their quality of life.

“Patients at the VA commonly present chronic pain, often associated with their time in service. Chiropractic care and other resources fall under the VA St. Louis Health Care System’s Whole Health initiative to treat the entire patient and the causes of pain, not simply a symptom the patient is experiencing. In an integrative setting, clinicians at the various providers who can help them with specific aspects of their pain experience.”

Roy Hillgartner, DC (’69) has been operating his own practice in Ballwin, Missouri, while also teaching at Logan University for more than 50 years.

“One of my mentors was Fred Gehl, DC, a former clinic director at Logan, and he strongly encouraged me to take the [teaching] job. Over the next several years, I ended up teaching more and more courses, including principles of chiropractic, practice management and diversified technique because I realized I had discovered my purpose in life. Next thing I knew, 52 years had gone by.”

Seth Hudson, DC (’11) opened his own practice in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, just two years after graduation. Maybe say what the practice focuses on if we have it?

“It was challenging to go out on my own, but now I’m proud to say my partners and I have built one of the largest practices in Missouri. We recently acquired another local practice that was founded by Dudly G. Roupp, DC (’39), who was one of the members of Logan’s first graduating class.”

Robert Bouliane, DC (’00), BSC recently became the first chiropractor for the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority, bringing accessible and convenient chiropractic care to residents of three islands located in the Caribbean Sea.

“In addition to injuries and spinal issues, many of my patients come to me for pain management and to reduce inflammation that may cause other issues. By making chiropractic treatment affordable and accessible, we are able to offer an integrated approach to many health conditions, which has led to positive outcomes and relief for patients.”


To learn more about Logan’s DC program and apply, visit https://www.logan.edu/academics/doctor-chiropractic/