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Mentor Program

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Leading by Example

Find support, connection and inspiration as you acclimate to life in Logan University’s demanding Doctor of Chiropractic program. The Leopard Leaders Mentor Program pairs first-trimester students with Trimester 2–8 students, giving you a “go-to” guide to help you integrate into University life and engage in all that Logan has to offer.

For more information or to volunteer as a Mentor, contact the Academic Support & Transition Coordinator Haley.Koziatek@logan.edu or 636-230-1951.

Group photos of the Logan Leaders.

Current Leopard Leaders

Omar Al-Ryati – Mentor Assistant
Erica Koenig – Mentor Assistant
Aaron Schoenecke
Alex Cesal
Alexander Ryan
Alixzandria George
Amanda Gifford
Ana Alfonzo
Anna Propst
Ariel Smith
Austin Conrod
Blake Freed

Chloe Nance
Emma Rhodes
Gabrielle Davis
Garrett Goodlett
Hannah Fredrickson
Isaac Whitten
Isabella Meeks
Jacob Abu-Aita
Jessica Berelsman
Kendayl Cokley
Lyndsey Tegeler
Max Sauer

Megan Still
Michaela Farrow
Miranda Gile
Quinn Kempf
Rachel Parsley
Reid Williams
Renata Mendez
Robert Minlionica
Sarah Parsons
Sarah Schumacher
Timothy Hausl
Wesley McClure