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Academic Success Coaches Care About More Than Academics – They Care About Students’ Well-Being

Logan University students have access to a team of world-class clinicians and educators, highly-educated staff, as well as a variety of resources dedicated to academic and career success. Associate Dean of Academic Success Katrina Marnin, MS, wants students to know that Logan’s academic success coaches care about more than just students’ academic success – they care about the student.

“Yes, success coaches help with class registration and academic-related questions, but our care for the students goes deeper,” explained Katrina. “Not only do we work closely with students on selecting courses they need for their degree but go a step further and provide additional information and tips to ensure the student’s success in those courses.”

Logan’s academic success coaches support students during the entirety of their time at Logan. Each program has one or more academic success coaches dedicated to students to help guide them in their specific programs.

“We have a wealth of knowledge in almost anything Logan related,” said Katrina. “We make the effort to supply everyone with the resources they need or connect them with someone who does.”

Katrina says Logan’s academic success coaches also support the students during the highs and the lows of their higher-education career.

“We want the students to know they have someone at Logan looking out for them,” said Katrina. “If you are struggling in a class, we are here to help you. If you are acing a class, we want to celebrate with you!”

In addition to the students benefiting from academic success coaches, colleges and universities also benefit as student retention and satisfaction have increased.

“Since the academic success coaches started taking on a bigger role in working with students, we’ve noticed student retention and satisfaction rates have increased” explained Katrina. “The happier the student, the more success in their degree program and all that leads to more successful career outcomes.”

To learn more about Logan’s academic success coaches and resources available to students, visit https://logan.edu/why-logan/, or email Katrina Marnin at katrina.marnin@logan.edu.