Undergraduate Courses

Logan University offers students the ability to take undergraduate courses and other general education courses, whether in preparation to compete a degree at Logan or to transfer to their current college or university.


The Flexible Accelerated Science Track (FAST) program is designed to help students complete basic science coursework at a faster pace and complete two semesters (one academic year) of credit in selected science courses in one 15-week trimester. Each trimester is broken into two 8-week sessions with a maximum of two FAST courses per-session allowed. 

Classes offered under the FAST program:

• General Chemistry I and II with labs
• Organic Chemistry I and II with labs
• Physics I and II with labs

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Early College Credit Program

Logan University now offers an Early College Credit Program (ECCP) for high school students. The ECCP allows qualified high school junior and senior students to earn college credit while still in high school, thus getting an “early start” on their college education. Qualified students may enroll in 100 or 200 level courses. Students are advised by their Academic Success Coach on which courses to enroll in based on background and interests.

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Logan University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, as such, it is reasonable to assume credits are transferable across colleges and universities in the United States. Students should note that some institutions choose to only accept coursework as electives. Some schools require copies of the course syllabus prior to approval of the course for credit. Students are urged to contact the institution of interest to inquire directly regarding institutional policy for accepting transfer credit from the Early College Credit Program prior to enrolling.

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