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Pre-Health Club Supports Students Around the Globe as they Pursue Diverse Health Careers

Deciding to pursue a terminal degree can cause stress, anxiety and loneliness. A few Logan students experienced these emotions when applying for medical school. They founded the Pre-Health Club after realizing they could benefit from leaning on one another during this strenuous process.

Logan’s first fully virtual organization, the Pre-Health Club was founded in the summer of 2021 to assist students interested in furthering their education after graduating. Emily Hoffman, founding member and current club president, is passionate about helping her fellow students near and far.

“Online learning in such rigorous programs can get really lonely since you don’t get the same support from your classmates like you do when you’re on campus,” said Emily. “The Pre-Health Club helps bridge that gap by providing support and encouragement to our members, no matter their geographic location.”

The club organizes events each month for members to get to know each other and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. They also host speakers who advise on topics from admissions requirements and application tips to job shadowing and interview preparation.

“We plan to host one or two speakers from the health care field each month to talk about their experiences,” said Emily. “We’re working to coordinate with dentists, medical doctors, chiropractors, veterinarians, physician’s assistants and others talk about things like their school’s application process and finding a job after graduation.”

These speakers provide helpful information based on their experiences, which prepares Pre-Health Club members for life after graduation. Students can also network with professionals in their desired fields, allowing them to make connections that could help them later in their careers.

“For me, I know a lot about the pre-med track, but nothing else,” Emily said. “If I were to change my career path, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. By witnessing speakers from different disciplines, it gives our members a solid foundation of information regarding all the paths they can take after graduating from Logan.”

Michael Koesterer, MD, MPH, assistant professor and faculty advisor for the Pre-Health Club, knows the importance of preparation from his experience in medical school.

“The admissions committee at any university is going to want to see that an applicant truly did the research and knows what partaking in a demanding postgraduate degree program will entail,” said Dr. Koesterer. “A club like this looks great on an application because it reinforces that this student is well informed, well prepared and passionate about the program they applied for.”

Being part of extracurricular clubs and organizations like the Pre-Health Club can enrich a student’s undergraduate experience. Aside from the educational benefits, students also have the chance to make meaningful, lifelong connections with one another.

“Our goal with this club is to provide an outlet so no one ever feels alone in their pursuit of a path that can be really challenging,” Emily said. “I encourage everyone to join some sort of club because the skills you learn will stick with you for the rest of your life.”