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Chicago Bears Team Chiropractor Dr. Emma Minx and Detroit Lions Team Chiropractor Dr. Karen Slota

Playing in the Big Leagues: Dr. Emma Minx Finds Dream Job with Chicago Bears

As one of only two female chiropractors working in the National Football League (NFL), Emma Minx, DC (‘14), CCSP, MS sees her role with the Chicago Bears in some ways like an offensive lineman. She’s clearing a path for others behind her.

“I feel a responsibility to create opportunities for others,” she said. “If I was unable to get the job done, that could affect women getting jobs in the NFL or other male-dominated fields. It is a challenge, and I am constantly evaluating and determining new ways to rise above expectations.” Working alongside her former colleague Stuart Yoss, DC, Dr. Minx provides care to enhance athletic performance, treat injuries and minimize the risk of future injuries.

Dr. Minx is a former student athlete. She played softball at Glenbrook North High School, located on Chicago’s suburban North Shore, and at DePauw University, where she suffered several injuries that enhanced her appreciation for what athletes must do to stay fit and perform. She gained experience working with athletes by returning to her high school alma mater and working in the athletic training department.

When she first started working with the Bears, Dr. Minx was excited and anxious. “I told myself, ‘You’ve been doing this for almost four years. These guys aren’t any different than any other patient who has laid on your table. A hip is a hip.’”

Dr. Minx said the experience has made her a better chiropractor by refining her adjustment and treatment skills. She treats Bears players after practice twice a week and before each game. She can also be found on the sidelines of most home games and sometimes travels with the team for away games.

“The most beneficial thing I did to prepare myself for this opportunity was work with my high school alma mater,” Dr. Minx said. “Working in an athletic environment, even on a small scale, was great preparation for working in the NFL. Everyone on the staff has something different to offer in an injury situation, and working with high school teams taught me how to be a team player.”

For Dr. Minx, the most rewarding part of being a chiropractor is helping people get back to doing what they love, whether that’s on the field or in practice at Advanced Care Specialists in Racine, Wisconsin, where she works as a clinic director. Pain can limit the potential of a talented athlete, a runner’s ability to take an easy jog and even a mother’s ability to pick up her baby. “When I see that smile come across a patient’s face,” she said, “it tells me I’ve done my job and they’re on the path to feeling better.”