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New Logan Partnerships Provide Student Support

Logan University is committed to providing the best possible atmosphere and experiences for students, faculty and staff. Sometimes, this comes in the form of partnerships with outside organizations, whether it’s joining forces with another university to create 3+3 agreements that allow students to fast-track their graduation, teaming up with unique and innovative organizations to offer incredible preceptorship opportunities, or implementing relevant on-campus services.

Recently, Logan partnered with two new organizations to offer student support. The Higher Education Consortium (HEC) provides assistance and direction for people interested in pursuing higher education. One service the HEC offers is the TRIO Educational Opportunity Center (EOC), a federally funded program that provides free information and advising on college admissions, financial aid options and the application process, and basic financial planning skills. The EOC’s goal is to increase college and financial aid access for adults who want to enroll in a post-secondary education program.

“Since the TRIO program is nationwide, any Logan student seeking support can utilize these services, regardless of where they live,” said Kerry Hallahan, Director of Financial Aid. “This partnership is truly an extension of the services Logan’s financial aid department already provides.”

In addition, the Missouri Department of Higher Education & Workforce Development (MDHEWD) has partnered with the Department of Social Services (DSS) to launch a pilot program with higher education institutions across Missouri to supply accessible social services to college students and staff. As one of seven universities participating in this pilot program, Logan’s students can work with a specialist who can connect them to state supported programs and assistance with health care, childcare, food, nursing home care, temporary financial support for families and more.

“Our students are a little older than the typical higher education students, and many have spouses or children,” said Jennifer Starks, student care manager. “We felt participating in this program would offer additional helpful services to our students. This has been very well-received and highly utilized since the program began in November.”

Students can make an appointment with the specialist who is on campus every Thursday. They’ll help determine students’ eligibility, identify available resources, and complete necessary paperwork to enroll in any relevant programs.

To learn more about both programs or to schedule an appointment, contact Financial Aid at financialaid@logan.edu or Student Affairs at studentaffairs@logan.edu or 636-230-1870.