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MSHI Student Spotlight: Kassandra Costin

My name is Kassandra Costin and I am from upstate New York. I have two Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and Medical Technology. Following the completion of these degrees, I started working as a medical laboratory scientist for a hospital in western Massachusetts. After a year in that role, I spent five years working as a clinical laboratory analyst. As a clinical laboratory analyst, I was involved with optimizing the laboratory information system (LIS), integrating laboratory instrumentation with the LIS, integrating physician practices with the LIS, and working with the local Department of Health. A few months ago, I took a position as an informatics technical specialist for a medical device and health care company. In this role, I am the software specialist during implementations of laboratory instrumentation.

I was interested in the Master of Science in Health Informatics program at Logan University because of my background as a clinical laboratory analyst. As I worked with members throughout the health care organization, I learned a lot about areas outside of the laboratory and how they work together. I believe a master’s in health informatics will allow me to build off the experience I have gained and will open doors for career advancement in the future.

My advice to fellow remote classmates is to take advantage of the flexibility of this program. As someone who is working a full-time job while completing this degree, it can be overwhelming to juggle work, classes, family and fun. Taking too many classes at once will make it difficult to absorb all the information that is covered. It makes the program much more enjoyable when you are not being rushed to complete assignments. Good luck!