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Logan University Partners with Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System

Starting this fall, chiropractic students at Logan University will be able to complete their clinical rotations at Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System (CAVHS).

The opportunity comes by way of an agreement between Logan and CAVHS. A recent law change in Arkansas now allows Chiropractic students to gain hands-on educational experience, as Arkansas had historically been an “observation-only” state.

Michael DuPriest DC, PT, DPT, FACO, (’87) has worked hard to make this opportunity possible. Dr. DuPriest, lead chiropractor at CAVHS, began working towards his goal to change chiropractic laws in Arkansas when he met Jason Goodman, DC, PhD, Director of Clinical Education at Logan, at a training seminar in Fort Wayne, Indiana a few years ago. Dr. DuPriest shared his vision with Dr. Goodman about working to amend the Arkansas law to eventually allow a “hands-on” experience for chiropractic students.

Dr. DuPriest and his team lobbied at the state legislator in Little Rock until the law was finally reformed on June 1, 2020. Shortly after, the affiliation with Logan was formed.

“Little by little, more states are starting to change their laws to allow hands-on clinical rotations,” Dr. Goodman said. “This method of teaching is truly the most effective way for students to receive the best clinical experience possible.”

Participating in a preceptorship in a VA setting is extremely competitive.

“An opportunity like this really teaches students the framework to feel fully confident working with these patients,” said Dr. Goodman. “Logan strives to form as many partnerships as possible with VA facilities to allow our students to rotate in a highly-robust clinical environment.”

Dr. Goodman says this affiliation could not have been formed at a better time.

“This positive news was such a nice, welcomed change of pace from what our students have been going through the past few months,”  Dr. Goodman said, “It’s a great time to be a chiropractic student, especially at Logan, because of these new relationships that will greatly benefit our students and their education.”