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Logan Postgrad Offers Activator Technique Courses

Logan University Postgraduate Department is pleased to announce that we will be bringing you the first series of online Interactive Virtual Training courses on the Activator Technique. There are a total of 36 hours of CE credit, with each module being 12 hours.

The first module is the Basic Scan Protocol of the Activator Method. The Basic Scan will take you on a tour of why Activator works, and how to perform adjustments across the body. The next two 12 hour modules are on Extremities: 12 hours of Upper Extremities and 12 hours on Lower Extremities. Extremities are one of the most treated areas on a patient. The Activator Extremity course is highly detailed, and gives very practical information. Please contact your local state board to find out if they accept online programs and how many hours they allow. Each 12 hour module is only $399.00.

For more information and registration, please click here.