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Logan Alumnus Dr. Jeff King Named Director of Chiropractic at the Medical College of Wisconsin

Jeff King, DC, MS (2011) was recently named the first ever director of chiropractic at the Medical College of Wisconsin’s (MCW) SpineCare clinic, an integrated clinic for patients with spine-related pain. The SpineCare clinic started in the mid-1990s with one chiropractor and now employs four full-time chiropractors, two of whom are Logan graduates: Dr. King and Jordan Gliedt, DC (2011).

Dr. King’s new role was created partly in recognition of the large number of patients wishing to see a chiropractor but also remain within a large health system, said Dr. Shekar N. Kurpad, department chair of Neurosurgery at MCW.

“Our chiropractic team is extremely attuned to taking care of patients in a timely and effective fashion but also has tremendous expertise with neurological examinations that could fast-track these individuals to other types of providers when appropriate” Dr. Kurpad said. “From an organizational perspective, I felt it would be a great idea to have a lead chiropractic position that could manage that group’s activities across our four clinic locations while also interacting with the leadership of the Spine Service Line from the health system, as well as the leadership of the Medical College in order to strategically put in place referral patterns and networks, and educational programs to enhance the role of chiropractic care at the institutional level.”

One such educational program is the preceptorship program that Dr. King helped establish at MCW in 2018 and currently oversees. Logan University is one of the participating schools.

Dr. King credits his colleagues Greg Whitcomb, DC and Boyd Peterson, DC with laying the groundwork for the growth of chiropractic at the SpineCare clinic. “Both have done a fantastic job delivering high-quality care and building relationships with various provider groups for several years”, Dr. King said. “Since joining the clinic two years ago, Dr. Gliedt has likewise done a wonderful job integrating into our system and contributing the very best care to our patients.”