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Kayla Mulligan, student

Human Biology Student Prepares for Veterinary Medicine Track

From a young age, human biology student Kayla Mulligan knew that someday she wanted to become a veterinarian.

“Ever since I was two years old, I was always trying to help people and animals,” Kayla said. “My mom has told me that I would see an animal and be drawn to it, wanting to help it and also care for it as my own.”

Although she couldn’t take in every animal she found, Kayla has had many pets throughout the years and has even interned and worked at her island’s local veterinary hospital in Hawaii.

Kayla is an online student at Logan, pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Human Biology with hopes of beginning her veterinary schooling in fall 2022. The process is competitive, but she is confident the skills she has acquired at Logan will help her stand out.

“I feel that although it’s a challenging field to enter, I’ve made myself a competitive applicant between working with a vet two days a week and being a full-time student at Logan,” she said. “I have been able to succeed at Logan with the resources available to prepare me for rigorous academics ahead.”

Before coming to Logan, Kayla attended Oregon State but felt it had limited flexibility and didn’t suit her learning style.

“I am able to do things at Logan that I wouldn’t be able to at a bigger school, like using the Writing Center and other academic resources to get the guidance I need,” Kayla said. “Overall, I’m happier here and love being fully online so that I can stay in Hawaii.”

Being home also means Kayla can continue to work at the vet clinic she has worked at since high school. That experience is invaluable, giving her exposure to the ups and downs of veterinary medicine.

“Although there are some unfortunate losses you experience as a vet, it is also rewarding in that I get to vaccinate new puppies and kittens and help with spay and neuter surgeries to reduce the number of strays we have around the island,” Kayla said.

Although she is an online student, Logan provides Kayla the opportunity to have a lab component to her degree while still learning online – something she couldn’t find in any other online program. Kayla is grateful to have found an affordable, high quality program that will help prepare her to pursue her passion.

“This past year at Logan has been a much different, more positive experience for me,” Kayla said. “Now that I have found Logan, I can do exactly what I want to do.”