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Helpful Apps for Students

By Madeline Heinrich, Academic Success Records Coordinator

Most of us use applications, or apps, every day on our phones. Apps can make our life easier to navigate. Check out these apps to help with studying, planning, and staying in touch with peers and with Logan!

Staying organized is important for students. A great calendar app can make all the difference! The Outlook app features an easy-to-use calendar and can also house your school email. This makes it easy to communicate with professors and other students, and then put a meeting directly into your calendar.

Trello is a powerful planning app that works especially well if you are a visually inclined learner. This app is like a planner, to-do list, and note area all in one! You can customize it to make it work for what you need it to. Trello lets you make checklists, add labels and due dates to your projects to help you stay on-task and organized. This app also won the 2019 Webby Awards People’s Voice award for Best Productivity App.

GroupMe is another great tool for students. Most students already use this app to stay connected with their trimesters. Another way to use it is to make smaller study groups. You can easily chat with each other, create a poll to see what date and time is best for everyone to study together, and even keep a calendar together with GroupMe.

Do you use flashcards to study? Even if you don’t, Brainscape could be a helpful study tool for you. With Brainscape, it is easier than ever to make flashcards, or find flashcards on a topic that someone else has made. You can even collaborate with your friends and make them together. These flashcards can include pictures, so when you are studying the anatomy of the brain or another body system, you can see it. Brainscape also personalizes the timing of each card to YOU. You rate how well you know a concept from 1-5 and the app determines when to quiz you on it again. This helps cut down on required study time.

Are you someone who finds it difficult to know how long to study for? Or maybe you lose track of time easily and work for way too long. The Pomodoro Technique is a great way to break up study sessions, so they are more manageable and productive. Focus Keeper is an app that can easily help with this. This timer app has three timers built into one: the Pomodoro or work timer, which is the time you will study for, the short break timer, which comes after each Pomodoro timer, and the long break timer which you can set to turn on after a certain number of cycles of the Pomodoro and short break timers. You can change the length of the timers to best suit your own needs, or just leave it on the default for a quick and easy study timer.


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