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Give to Logan

Give to Our Tables Fund

Photo of Force Sensing Table Technology.

Logan Leads the Way in Providing the Best Resources for Students.

In the summer of 2019, the University made a strategic decision to unveil a new Simulation Lab featuring state-of-the-art Force Sensing Table Technology (FSTT).

FSTT uses force plate technology and handheld sensors to provide students with instant feedback on their performance in delivering spinal manipulation. As associate professor Daryl Ridgeway, DC (’97) explains, “This elevates our success in teaching technique to a much higher level and provides for a much higher level of student success, which yields an extremely polished graduate.”

The Simulation Lab will be built into the DC curriculum and remain accessible for students to practice outside of class. Truly, it will be the biggest and best lab managed by a college of chiropractic in the United States.

Each force sensing table requires an investment of $50,000.

We currently have one force sensing table in our lab, but our goal is to purchase two more this year and eventually have more to optimize our lab and create this unique opportunity for students to leverage a teaching device that will transform the way in which they learn chiropractic methods.

Your generous gift of $50, $500 or even $5,000 today would ensure Logan University remains a leader in providing 21st century teaching technology to our talented students.

Every donation you provide is an investment in the future of the chiropractic profession, the strength of our school and the health of our community.

Thank you for your generosity, passion and commitment to Logan University and our students!

If you have any questions regarding FSTT or supporting Logan University with a gift today, please contact our Office of Advancement at 636-230-1704.

The Value of Force Sensing Table Technology

Force Sensing Table Technology is an advanced learning assessment tool and one of the most innovative developments in chiropractic education.

The table is equipped with a foam adult analog mannequin upon which students practice manipulation. Sensors accurately mimic human tissue response to manual manipulation providing students with instantaneous feedback on their performance. The tables also provide feedback when adjusting live patients—information that will impact chiropractic research and consistency in care when one doctor fills in for another.

“Adjusting technique is the cornerstone of our profession and is paramount to the success of future chiropractors. The force sensing table will develop the touch necessary to keep Logan graduates at the pinnacle of our profession.” — Anthony Miller, DC (’99)

“The addition of Force Sensing Table Technology will provide numerous benefits to Logan’s educational programs, as well as exciting research opportunities which will help set industry standards and establish best practices. The FSTT lab will allow students to hone their psychomotor skills, including the ability to improve force modulation, by creating a learning experience where instructors can more effectively provide feedback by functioning in more of a coaching role.” – Jeffrey Kamper, DC (’90)

If you have any questions regarding FSTT or supporting Logan University with a gift today, please contact our Office of Advancement at 636-230-1704.