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DHPE Student Spotlight: Drs. Ron and Danielle Armold

Meet Ron Armold, DC, MS and Danielle Armold, DC, MS, CAHTA, a husband and wife duo in Logan’s Doctorate of Health Professions Education (DHPE) program, as told by Dr. Danielle Armold.

Dr. Ron and I currently work in our private chiropractic office, Hub City Spinal Care in Spartanburg, South Carolina. We just celebrated our three-year anniversary.

We were both interested in the DHPE program for similar reasons. One of our shared commonalities is a love for teaching others. I actually started teaching at a local college at the same time I opened my chiropractic office in order to supplement our income and do something that I enjoyed. While teaching, it became increasingly apparent that being employable as an educator does not necessarily mean that I am equipped as an educator. I knew that I wanted to someday teach within the chiropractic profession, but I knew that I would be doing a disservice to the future of the profession if I didn’t learn how to be purposeful, planned and educated.

Dr. Ron started the DHPE program out of a pure interest in teaching in the future, but when he joined me as a professor at our local college, he was excited that he could apply what he learned in the DHPE program. He was also aware of the fact that there were areas he could improve in because he was already teaching. He agreed with me that it was a disservice that other professors were teaching with their professional degrees but without education degrees.

Our future career plans include teaching within our profession as we build our practice with associates so that we can give back to the field of chiropractic. Our hobbies and interests primarily include traveling and experiencing life with our children. We also enjoy concerts and outdoor activities. More specifically, Dr. Ron is a former marathon and half-marathon runner. After having our two children we have finally figured out a plan for him to return to training. He has inspired me to do the same. We both work out five to six days a week to support our physical health, and we find it enjoyable.

We both recommend that students entering Logan’s DHPE program review their schedules and purposely schedule time to work through each week’s modules. Reaching out to professors is equally important to get clarification, ask questions and get to know them as people because they are invested in your success just as much as you are.