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Chiropractic Grand Rounds: Dr. Jim Whedon

Logan recently welcomed Jim Whedon DC, MS (’89) to campus as part of the Chiropractic Grand Rounds speaker series.

Dr. Whedon is the Director of Health Services Research at Southern California University of Health Sciences and an adjunct instructor at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice at Dartmouth College’s Geisel School of Medicine. An award-winning clinical and health services investigator, Dr. Whedon currently researches topics in integrative healthcare, chiropractic, Medicare and health policy.

Speakers for the Chiropractic Grand Rounds are invited and hosted by Logan’s Dean of Research Norman W. Kettner, DC, DACBR, FICC.

During his presentation, titled “Impact of Care Provided by Chiropractic Physicians on Use of Prescription Opioids,” Dr. Whedon stated: “We need to identify a safe and cost-effective treatment for pain that does not rely on anything pharmacological. Drug overdose deaths in 2017 increased by almost ten percent over 2016, with opioids accounting for nearly 48,000 cases.”

A large majority of patients begin using opioids as a treatment for back pain; however, recently published clinical guidelines recommend chiropractic care as the first line of defense against back pain. As Dr. Whedon explained, that is easier said than done.

“The biggest challenge we face in this situation is the barrier of access to chiropractic care,” Dr. Whedon said. “Many MDs do not have an established, trusting relationship with a chiropractor. Even though they might not feel comfortable treating a patient for back pain, they feel as if they have no other choice but to write that patient a prescription for a pain-killer.”

Dr. Whedon encouraged the room to aid in the movement of turning knowledge into action.

“Significant evidence has accumulated to justify increased utilization of chiropractic services as an upstream strategy for reducing dependence upon prescription opioid medication,” Dr. Whedon said. “In the context of the opioid crisis, the imperative for patient protection mandates aggressive pursuit of all promising strategies, including the elimination of barriers to access to chiropractic services.”

Attending the seminar were Leonard Suiter, DC of the Clinical Compass Board of Directors and MCPA Legislative Committee; Quinn James, DC, ACA vice delegate for Missouri and member of the ACA and MCPA Legislative Committee; and Rep. John Wiemann, Speaker Pro Tem of the Missouri House.

To view photos from the event, visit our Flickr album.