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Carmen Fronczak: Using Health Informatics to Improve Senior Care

Carmen Fronczak, RN, BBA, MS (’18) has made a career around helping others. She started as a nurse then moved into health care business development, where she spent 20 years working for various health care systems in the St. Louis area.

“I had recently started working in senior living when I decided to further my education,” Carmen said. “I was the sales director at Friendship Village and wanted to move into the administrative side of the business, so I began looking at advanced degrees.”

Carmen needed a flexible program that could fit alongside her already busy career and personal life.

“Logan has a great reputation in the health care community for their health sciences programs, and the curriculum of the Master of Science in Health Informatics degree (MSHI) really appealed to my business background,” said Carmen.

She graduated with her MSHI in 2018, which helped her seamlessly move into her current role of executive director of Friendship Village Chesterfield & chief revenue officer of Friendship Village Senior Services.

In this role, Carmen has spent a lot of time propelling the company forward in the technology space, which is helping improve care for seniors. Now, every Friendship Village resident has an Amazon Alexa smart device in their apartment, and the company is utilizing fall prediction technology and telemedicine in a multitude of ways.

Carmen credits her ability to recognize and successfully implement new technologies to the things she learned in Logan’s MSHI program.

“Getting a health informatics degree right now is like a golden ticket for your future. There is so much data available today that didn’t exist a decade ago,” Carmen said. “Most leadership and decision-making roles in health care require a master’s degree, and this one is particularly attractive to employers.”