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Research & Scholarship

Advancing the Science of Chiropractic and Health Sciences

As a premier health sciences university, Logan’s mission and curriculum are grounded in evidence-informed, outcome-based research and scholarship. Our faculty participate in research activity throughout the year. This activity can include everything from reviewing a spectrum of new scientific literature to producing new evidence through their own research. Faculty present their research locally, regionally, nationally and internationally and are also serve as peer reviewers for medical journals.

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Student Research

While some programs require students to complete research projects, not all do. Regardless of program requirements, all Logan University students are invited and encouraged to enhance their educational experience by participating in original research through a faculty mentor, identified through the Research Advisory Committee (RAC), who can help facilitate the research process. Depending on your degree you may be required or invited to write research.

Logan University Visiting Scholars Program

This site hosts research seminars that are provided by eminent clinical and scientific scholars from institutions around the US including NIH, Harvard Medical School and Stanford University School of Medicine.

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Learn more about Logan’s research program and how to participate by contacting the following resources:

Logan’s Research Advisory Committee

Institutional Review Board

Grant Coordinator