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Logan Hosts Sixth Annual ACES Workshop

Logan hosted its sixth annual Anatomy Centered Education & Science (ACES) workshop this month, which gives high school students a chance to explore careers in health care.

The week-long summer program features hands-on procedures and is a great way for students who are interested in getting into health care determine what career path they want to pursue within the field. They also receive a certificate at the end that they can use for college applications.

“This is the most hands-on program of its kind in the St. Louis area,” said Dana Underkofler-Mercer, DC, MS, professor and director of strategic partnerships and ACES founder. Dr. Mercer started this program in 2017 after realizing a need for high school students to experience real world situations in the health care field.

Here’s what a couple of the students had to say:

“My favorite part was the cadaver lab. It was a full hands-on activity right off the bat. This whole experience has been super knowledgeable, fun and exhilarating,” said student Victoria.

“I like how they have something for everyone. They’ve brought in physical therapists, athletic trainers, radiologists and more. No matter what you want to do in your career, there’s something for you,” said student Connor.

Planning for ACES begins immediately after the current workshop ends. Surveys from students are collected to improve the program according to feedback. “Every year, I say that it’s the best year yet. It’s always evolving and getting better year after year,” said Dr. Mercer. “I’m really grateful to Logan’s faculty, as well as professionals from institutions in the community, who dedicate their time to ACES by presenting part of the workshop. It’s great that students can hear first-hand experiences from such a wide variety of people working in the health care field.”

Registration is available for next year’s ACES workshop on October 1. To learn more about ACES and to register for next year, visit logan.edu/admissions/visit/aces