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Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

“Sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction is one of the most common, most under-diagnosed and under-treated sources of low back pain,” said Armond Levy, MD.

Dr. Levy, neurosurgeon and founder of St. Louis Neurosurgery, LLC, was one of three doctors who presented about SI joint dysfunction at Logan’s Alumni House on Wednesday, February 20.

These three doctors all practice in different areas of medicine but possess one common goal: to have the knowledge to educate their patients on the best course of treatment for their low back pain.

With coordination through SI Bone and Logan University, Dr. Levy, Matthew Ruyle, MD and Logan faculty member Anthony Miller, DC spoke to attendees about the ways they can treat patients with SI joint dysfunction.

Dr. Miller presented first on the way chiropractic care can stabilize an SI joint that is causing pain, while Dr. Levy spoke about how minimally-invasive spinal surgery can correct similar issues. Dr. Ruyle concluded with his expertise in pain management.

Low back pain is an issue that every doctor comes across regularly, and it can be difficult to find the source of it. Additionally, there is usually more than one issue causing the pain. Through research, they can begin determining different plans of treatment for their patients.

“We strive to take a truly interdisciplinary approach when presenting our patients with treatment options,” Dr. Miller said. “By working closely with Dr. Levy and Dr. Ruyle, I am certain that my patients will always receive the treatment option that is best for them, individually. No two cases of low back pain are identical, and no two treatment plans are identical either.”