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Are you an evidence informed, patient centered chiropractor? Are you skilled in helping others with your hands through manual adjustment, soft tissue treatments and want to incorporate rehab with every patient. You want to enjoy going to work, working as a team with 2 other like-minded doctors. You believe in influencing people to keep moving and enjoying their life pain free no matter who they are.

With times of uncertainty in the world, finding a job that will support your life can be stressful. Concerned about what hours you will have to work; will I have to work weekends? Not in our office.

Are you worried you’ll have to work solo as a lone wolf in order to make a good living? We want to offer an environment to grow your skills clinically and the opportunity to make a good professional income.

We are meant to grow and learn through life, that is what we do everyday in our office. Be better than yesterday.

At Lake Effect Chiropractic we strive to have an exceptional working environment. We are a team, communication and understood expectations are the foundations to success and happiness in our workplace. The way we practice offers three angles of treatment, joint manipulation, soft tissue treatment, and exercise. We highly value the combination throughout the healing process. We work hard Monday 8am through Friday 12pm, weekends are sacred and we value them tremendously. We recently relocated to a beautiful new professional facility to grow into, which we are doing quickly. We have 4 adjusting rooms, 1 recovery compression (extra room), 2 massage rooms, a 500sqft gym/rehab space that offers kettlebells, bands, barbells and everything in between. We get patients off the table to show them how to get back to living their lives pain free.

We currently have 40-50 new patients a month (can’t fit any more in the schedule), we are ready to share with another provider!

Work will include:
Practicing as a fully licensed Chiropractor
New patient exams for your patients
performing adjustments commonly manual, some instrument as indicated
targeted soft tissue therapies (IASTM, ART, FAKTR…etc.),
Delivering in office rehab-based movement (McKenzie Method, SFMA, DNS)
Organizing strengthening to be done with the trainer
Giving home exercise advice.
Content Marketing (see our instagram Lake_Effect_Chiropractic)
Marketing at very targeted events (5ks, Crossfit Events, Public School soft tissue events))
These are very targeted, we do not do flea market spinal screening.
Be a team player and support the office where it’s needed
We will teach our methods that support our office growth and reputation.
If you work hard we expect you to reap the benefits.
With time and commitment, we expect a professional income of 6 figures.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to have a long-time position in a positive atmosphere. There is room to grow and expand. We want to help you develop your professional skills for a successful career with us.

Lake Effect Chiropractic is there to help you see today is going to be better than yesterday. We are a light in the community promoting health, wellness, and movement. If you’re looking for a job that fulfills your career goals this is the spot.

Call: 703-966-6795
Or Email lakeeffectchiro@gmail.com