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Puerto Rican Student Presence Grows at Logan

Over the last few years, Logan has welcomed a growing number of students from Puerto Rico.

Student enrollment more than doubled from 7 in spring 2017 to 16 in spring 2018, with now a record high of 31 students from Puerto Rico in spring 2020.

“It’s really been a grassroots effort – exposing the students to the profession and making them more aware of the opportunities that exist for education in the U.S.,” said Michael Lynch, who recently joined the University as an executive external relations officer for the Office of Admissions. “As the number of chiropractors on the island is growing, we’re seeing more and more students genuinely express interest in learning more about what Logan and chiropractic have to offer.”

Michael spent more than 20 years at New York Chiropractic College, where he served as the primary recruiter for Puerto Rico. During that time, he became immersed in the country’s culture and cultivated relationships with many leaders at universities and colleges on the island.

Earlier this year, Michael visited seven universities, where he spent time with students, met with chiropractic clubs and provided valuable information about chiropractic and life at Logan. He said the students embraced the opportunity to discuss their future.

“Students in Puerto Rico are excited about undertaking a new adventure in a new place and especially learning about the chiropractic profession, education and how to get started,” he said.

The fact that Logan already has a strong Puerto Rican presence on campus is appealing to prospective students; another draw is the University’s support system.

“We have tutors who speak Spanish, we have a Puerto Rican club and we have a variety of people and programs designed to ensure their success,” Michael said. “The students we meet very much appreciate the time we’ve taken to provide personalized attention and care for their future, whether it’s evaluating their transcripts to see if they qualify or helping them through the application process.”