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Veteran Evan McBee Finds New Opportunities at Logan

Evan McBee, a veteran combat medic in the U.S. Army, always wanted to further his career in the medical field. A current undergraduate physician’s assistant student at Logan University, Evan is thankful that he can earn his degree from Logan on his own time.

“I really like the asynchronous schedule and the trimester system,” Evan said. “I’m not one to prolong things if I can help it. I can get my degree at Logan in two and a half years, and I like that I can pair my lecture classes with my lab classes.”

Once employed as a paramedic, Evan is no stranger to the healthcare industry.

“When I was 19, I got hired by the Fayetteville, Georgia Fire Department as an emergency medical service (EMS) and firefighter trainee,” he said. “I made it through all my medical training and finished at the fire department as an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Through this training, I realized I enjoyed medicine – originally, all I wanted to do was fight fires!”

Evan is currently a full-time student and stay-at-home father but is seeking to give more to his community by utilizing the skills he learns at Logan.

“My time in the military taught me good time-management skills, so Logan’s schedule really works for me,” he said. “I’m also coming into the program with decent knowledge of medical terminology, which is something that helps immensely.”

While students can sometimes have difficulty transitioning from the working world to academics, Evan felt that his transition was seamless and easy thanks to Logan.

“There was someone for me to talk to at every step of the way,” he said. “I continuously spoke with my advisor, who helped me overcome the logistical challenges college may bring, like knowing which classes I should register for.”

With his education, Evan hopes to become a physician’s assistant and use his knowledge to go on medical missions throughout the world, helping those who may not have access to the same medical treatment that Americans do.

“I wanted a college that was accredited, respected and had a biology program that covered all the prerequisites I needed to be able to get into a physician’s assistant program,” Evan said. “My wife found Logan University in the search, and it checks all the boxes. I am very happy to be here!”