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Logan University Establishes Dr. Ken Leistner Memorial Scholarship

In honor of the late Kenneth Evan Leistner, DC (’80), world-renowned chiropractor and strength and fitness coach—“Dr. Ken” to those who knew him—Logan University has established the Dr. Ken Leistner Memorial Scholarship, which will award $1,000 to one strength and conditioning student every trimester. Logan’s Master of Science in Strength & Conditioning will launch in summer 2022 with a science-based, evidence-informed curriculum developed and led by experienced, active leaders in athletic performance.

Over five decades, Dr. Ken pioneered a unique brand of high-intensity training, worked and consulted with celebrities and professional athletes, and was a prolific writer and expert in multiple fields. His techniques and philosophy are followed by members of the powerlifting and fitness community to this day, and he is remembered fondly for his uncompromising work ethic and commitment to bettering himself and others.

Dr. Ken’s wife, Kathy, a Big Ten Conference multi-sport athlete, champion powerlifter and bodybuilder, and Taekwando Black Belt holder, and daughter, Bariann, were instrumental in establishing the scholarship.

As an endowed scholarship, each donation is properly invested, earning yearly interest, and the interest is then used to fund the scholarship. The principal amount itself will not be spent, which allows the scholarship to be available for future generations of strength and conditioning students.

To donate to the Dr. Ken Leistner Memorial Scholarship, learn more about Dr. Ken’s life and legacy, and to share your memories of him, visit www.logan.edu/dr-ken-leistner-memorial-scholarship/.