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Logan Graduates First DHPE Class

Congrats to Angela Belnap, DHPE, MS, CMA (AAMA) of Utah and Karen Manitsas, DHPE, MS, of California, the first graduates of Logan’s Doctorate of Health Professions Education (DHPE) program.

Both attended the commencement ceremony at Logan on April 27 and offered their thoughts on completing the program:

“I continue to be amazed by not only the high quality of faculty and courses, but also by the engagement created within an online program. Having completed much of my Bachelor’s and all of my Master’s degree online I came into this thinking I had a good idea of what would be expected of me and what I could expect. I was very surprised by the amount of collaboration within the courses and the outreach of Logan University to online students. I feel more a part of the Logan community than I do other institutions for which I am an alumni, even though I have only set foot on campus for graduation.” – Dr. Belnap

“Completing the DHPE program still feels surreal to me. The journey has been amazing. I have learned so much not only from the required assignments, but also from the other students enrolled in the program. The inter-professional peer environment was beneficial to my learning. It is my hope the DHPE program will expand and grow to include several different health professions.” – Dr. Manitsas

Please join us in congratulating Drs. Belnap and Manitsas!