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Logan Graduate Serving Mission in Dominican Republic to Bring Chiropractic Care to the Island

Isaac Carlson, DC (’23), was working on his undergraduate degree in sports management from Ecclesia College in Arkansas when he met his future wife, Jessie. Together, they knew they wanted to go into healthcare professions and to help others. Her father, John C. Smith Jr., DC (’97), a practicing chiropractor in Ellisville, Missouri suggested he apply to Logan and begin his career as a chiropractor. Shortly after graduation in May 2020, Dr. Carlson began his time at Logan in June of that year.

“It was a quick transition, but I was committed to getting my degree and starting the next chapter of working with patients and making a difference,” said Dr. Carlson.

The couple got married in January of 2021 and they began thinking about how they could incorporate mission work into their lives. In the summer of 2023, they went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic for five days. While others were not sure what to think when he suggested bringing a chiropractic table on the trip, it came in handy. In that time, he adjusted more than 300 people and he knew there was a need for chiropractic care in that area.

Dr. Carlson graduated from Logan in August of 2023 and the couple moved to Nashville, Tennessee, so Jessie could work on her ultrasound technician certification at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Carlson began working at a few different chiropractic practices in Nashville, learning as much as possible.

In April of 2024, the couple will be heading back to the Dominican Republic to serve as full time medical missionaries with GO Ministries. Jessie will be the ultrasound technician at GO’s medical clinic, serving alongside local doctors, and for the first time will offer ultrasound services. Dr. Carlson will be working as a chiropractor at their sports facility, where he will work with athletes on sports training, injury prevention and rehab.

“This has been a goal for us and we are so excited for these positions to have opened up with such good timing,” said Dr. Carlson. “We will be combining rehab and chiropractic – two areas I am passionate about – with serving others.”