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Logan Alumni Competing with USA Bobsled Team

When Logan Radik, MS-SC (’23) was growing up in Nebraska, bobsledding was not a sport he thought he would be involved in one day.

“I grew up wrestling, so bobsledding was not on the horizon until much later,” he said.

Logan came to Maryville University in St. Louis to wrestle and earn his bachelor’s degree in psychology. His senior year was during the pandemic, which caused wrestling to slow down. That is when he saw an ad for a bobsled combine and decided to look into it.

“Many bobsled athletes are retired college athletes, and I felt like I could meet the metrics required, so I trained for a year and a half, did the combine, and they invited me to a training camp,” Logan said.

While at Maryville, Logan also met his fiancée, Chelsea Brooks, a trimester 8 Doctor of Chiropractic student at Logan University. Logan was looking for a suitable master’s degree, so Chelsea recommended he apply for the Master of Science in Strength and Conditioning (MS-SC) program at Logan. He did and graduated in May of 2023.

He now works as a strength and conditioning coach at the Central Institute of Human Performance in St. Louis, which he started doing while pursuing his master’s degree. He helps patients manage pain and injuries through treatment and exercise and works closely with many chiropractors.

“I received care at the Montgomery Health Center on Logan’s campus, and I can appreciate what chiropractic, combined with strength and conditioning, can do for an athlete’s overall well-being,” Logan said.

In 2023, after a training period, Logan became an official bobsled team member. He now trains in Lake Placid, New York, and Park City, Utah.

“As a rookie, I am training for the North American Cup and then the World Cup training would be next, and hopefully with enough experience, I could make a run for the Olympic team for the 2026 Winter Olympics,” Logan said.

Currently he is competing in the U.S. and Canada, and his two-man bobsled team has been performing well with several top finishes in 2023. While the training can be intense and take him out of town frequently, he is learning to balance work and the bobsled team.

“My colleagues have been great with working with my training schedule, as well as helping me stay in shape and healthy,” Logan said. “It’s the best place I could be to fulfill both my training dreams.”