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“Journey in Chiropractic” Offers Practice Perspective

Logan students got a glimpse into life as a chiropractor during a “Journey in Chiropractic” program last Tuesday organized by the Women’s Leadership Council and Logan’sDiversityCommittee.

Dayna Moore, DC (2011), Suzanne Seekins, DC (1990) and Tiffany Daniels, DC, MCS-P, fielded questions regarding what they love about chiropractic, challenges they’ve faced in practice and things they wished they knew when they were a student.

“The best choice I ever made was to become a chiropractor,” said Dr. Seekins, who has been practicing for 29 years. Dr. Seekins works in a group practice alongside other chiropractors and massage therapists serving patients living in the Naples, Florida, area. She said the collaborative environment allows her to rely on her colleagues for expertise, scheduling needs and support.

Dr. Daniels, a solo practitioner in Lexington, Kentucky, said she has a great deal of appreciation for her associateship. “The chiropractor I worked with taught me so much and pushed me to become an independent contractor,” she said.

Dr. Moore, who practices in Atlanta, Georgia, encouraged students to find what resonates with them, whether it’s wanting to work in a specific location or treating a certain demographic.

They all agreed that when it comes to chiropractic, the profession as a whole must do a better job in educating the public. “Even as far as we have come, communication continues to be a struggle,” said Dr. Daniels. “But the tides are turning, and I believe a better day is coming.”

Dr. Moore agreed, saying that people still don’t know that chiropractic can be used to help treat conditions related to pregnancy and diabetes. “It’s always a struggle and something that needs to be pushed to the forefront. I intentionally do a lot of education with my patients and their families to combat that.”

Dr. Seekins said there’s a perception among patients that because you are the doctor, you must have all the answers. “Dr. Joseph Unger taught me that you don’t have to know it all. You can say, ‘I’ll get back to you on that, and that really empowered me,” she said.

The chiropractors left students with advice and tips for their student career and beyond:

  • Pay attention in class.
  • Don’t forget about your passions outside of chiropractic. Find an outlet to maintain your balance.
  • Keep notes and save all your books.
  • Don’t forget your roots; treat the whole body.


Pictured left to right: Dr. Dayna Moore, Dr. Tiffany Daniels and Dr. Suzanne Seekins