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How to Complete an Internship for the MS-SSR Program

Logan University’s online Master of Science in Sport Science and Rehabilitation (MS-SSR) program combines virtual learning courses with a hands-on internship experience. As a part of the MS-SSR degree, students in the graduate program are required to complete an internship at a site of their choosing. Once approved by the Program Director, students work in a clinical setting with health professionals for a total of 180 hours over a 15-week time frame. Given that this degree is mostly online, students often ask what the best way to approach this internship requirement is to successfully complete it.

Brittany Ramirez, DC, MS, LAT, ATC, CCSP, and director of the MS-SSR program, believes in the importance of real-world experiences for students in the sports science field and in the importance of a hands-on internship in a field of interest. Once admitted to the program, students are equipped with an internship manual that explains the entire process so they can begin preparing for it and giving it some thought right away. Before overseeing students in their internship role, Ramirez helps future sports science and rehabilitation practitioners by providing in-depth explanations on the placement steps for the degree requirement. Although students must independently secure an internship, Ramirez works alongside an academic success coach and career strategist to provide students with the necessary tools to begin their search.

The internship aspect of Logan’s MS-SSR degree program gives students an opportunity to work in a clinical setting, such as sports medicine departments, strength and conditioning gyms, and cardiac rehabilitation in hospital settings. Once students find an internship they are interested in and accepted to, they can accommodate their own schedules with a minimum of work hours they must meet each week. To keep track of their internship hours, students will submit their total hours worked at the end of each week.

For MS-SSR students, the opportunities are endless when it comes to having an internship in sports rehabilitation and exercise physiology. Graduate students typically secure internship roles with gyms, private athletic associations, hospital settings, chiropractic and physical therapist offices, and personal trainers. Accredited organizations such as The Star Sports Academy, the University of North Carolina and the United States Military Academy have previously provided valuable internship experiences to many Logan MS-SSR students.

The biggest takeaway from the MS-SSR internship aspect is to allow students to become immersed in daily activities of a specific career while putting their learned skills into practical use. This unique program not only educates students, it also provides an eye-opening opportunity to work with professionals in their field of study. If students are unsure about their future career goals, this is the perfect time to discover the many possibilities after graduation.

Throughout this process, students will build professional relationships with their peers as they gain valuable experience in their field of interest. “There is no limit to the number of internships a student may have throughout their time in the program,” said Ramirez. “As long as the minimum number of hours are completed, individuals may complete a variety of internships in different locations with approval of the program director.”

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