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East Central College Faculty Advance Their Teaching Skills with Logan’s Doctor of Education in Health Professions Education

Nancy Mitchell, MSN, RN is the director of nursing and dean of health science at East Central College (ECC) in Union, Missouri. Nancy attended ECC for her associate degree before earning her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Central Methodist University and her master’s in nursing from Maryville University. She came back to ECC as a full-time nursing instructor, a position she held for more than 15 years, until she was promoted to her current position.

Nancy has mentored many students while teaching at ECC, including Brittany Clark, MSN, RN. Brittany came to ECC in 2012 to obtain her associate degree in nursing before moving on to Southeast Missouri State University for her bachelor’s degree in nursing and then Central Methodist University for her master’s in nursing.

“There is a shortage of nurses and an even greater shortage of nursing instructors,” Nancy said. “We often look at our students for teaching potential, and Brittany was a very thoughtful student who soaked in all the information learned and saw the big picture.”

Nancy reached out to Brittany and invited her to become an adjunct instructor and served in this role for three years. In 2020, Brittany became a full-time nursing instructor at ECC.

“Nancy was an incredible mentor to me throughout my time at ECC and beyond,” said Brittany. “I am a first-generation college graduate, and Nancy’s support and encouragement is what motivated me to be where I am today.”

Nancy and Brittany enjoy working together at ECC because they both appreciate their small, tight-knit community and have a passion for teaching the next generation of nurses. The college currently has two campus locations with 100 to 120 nursing students.

To become an even more effective educator, Nancy had been looking at doctoral degrees in education, but had no luck finding a good fit until she came across Logan’s Doctor of Education in Health Professions Education (Ed.D.) program.

“It seemed like a great fit for me since it is online and flexible, and the course work is very applicable to my career day-to-day,” said Nancy.

Nancy discussed Logan’s Ed.D. program with Brittany, who was also interested in obtaining a doctoral degree. Inspired, they decided to apply. They both began pursuing their degrees in January 2022 and are on track to graduate in May 2025.

“The program has been outstanding,” Brittany said. “The classes are incredibly relevant to our teaching here at ECC. “Being a newer instructor, I have learned so much, especially in student-centered teaching methods, which filters straight through to my students.”

Nancy agrees the coursework has been invaluable.

“I have been in this career for some time, but I wanted to become even more well-rounded and continue to mentor the faculty so they can grow in their careers as well,” Nancy said. “Many of the classes have helped us with our curriculum development, too.”

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