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Dr. Brett Winchester Co-Authors Chapters in Rehabilitation of the Spine: A Patient-Centered Approach

Brett Winchester, DC (’03) has been around the world and back, bringing his knowledge of spinal cord care to every corner of the globe. From classrooms and lecture halls to Major League Baseball stadiums, he has taught and treated countless students, athletes and patients.

Most recently, Dr. Winchester put his teachings on paper, co-authoring two chapters in the newest edition of Rehabilitation of the Spine: A Patient-Centered Approach.

“This textbook is considered to be the bible for modern spine care,” Dr. Winchester said. “The first chapter I co-authored covers treatment of the rotational athlete, and the second chapter focuses on the manipulation of key joints.”

  • Chapter 25: “Rotational Sports and the Spine” co-authored with Max Prokopy, Michael Rintala, and Joshua Wideman. Dr. Winchester describes in detail what factors are involved in rotational sports. With a heavy focus on golf and the throwing athlete, readers learn the best ways to assess, treat, and train these athletes.
  • Chapter 28: “Manipulation of Key Joints” co-authored with George Defranca, DC. Dr. Winchester explains the importance of manipulation in multimodal treatment of the musculoskeletal system. It reviews the latest research on dynamic palpation and manipulation and discusses contemporary views, allowing readers across all disciplines to understand the importance of manipulation. This material is taught to Logan students in trimester 6 in Correlative Technique 2.

Dr. Winchester graduated from Logan in 2003. He served as team chiropractor for the St. Louis Cardinals for three seasons. He teaches at institutes including Logan University, Maryville University, the Motion Palpation Institute, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, and The Chiropractic Rehabilitation Diplomate.