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DC Graduate Selected for Prestigious Dartmouth Fellowship

Originally from Montana, Logan Benjamin, DC (‘22), CSCS, attended Montana State University where he received a bachelor’s degree in health and human performance. There, he met a mentor who suggested he shadow a few chiropractors to learn more about the profession. He did and realized chiropractic was the career for him.

After touring Logan University, Dr. Benjamin was impressed with the beautiful campus, efficient admissions process and evidence-informed curriculum. In 2019 he began working on his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Logan and got involved with various student clubs including the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance evidence-informed club. In trimester 8, he began working with Logan’s Integrated Health Centers (IHC), which was influential for his career path.

“My time at the IHC helped me understand why the social determinants of health are important, and I learned so much from the complex cases we saw,” said Dr. Benjamin. “With the incredible mentorship at the IHC, I developed strong clinical reasoning and physical examination skills and learned how to manage patient care for a very broad and diverse patient base.”

He also found the weekly IHC Zoom calls to be beneficial. The group discussed complex cases as well as foundational knowledge about conditions and physical exams that greatly helped him when caring for his patients.

“Working at the IHC also helped me see firsthand how to integrate chiropractic care with medical care and how to interact with other providers to achieve the best outcomes,” said Dr. Benjamin.

After graduating in December 2022, Dr. Benjamin applied and was accepted for the Chiropractic Research Fellowship at Dartmouth University, a three-year fellowship that is the first of its kind in the U.S. During the fellowship, he will pursue his master’s degree in public health, receive research and clinical mentorship, and have opportunities to treat patients and publish multiple articles. He is currently involved in publishing two reviews and a multi-center cluster randomized trial (IMPACt-LBP) investigating the primary spine practitioner model. The fellowship is designed to give chiropractors interested in research the skills and tools to conduct advanced research on spine related pain conditions.

“It was amazing to be chosen for this fellowship,” Dr. Benjamin said. “I was interested in it because it aligns with my passion for evidence-informed practice and also allows me to get involved in research. My goal for the future is to work at an institution that allows me to not only teach, but also work with patients clinically and continue to conduct research. I believe my work with the IHC and this fellowship will prepare me for a successful career.”

The Chiropractic Future, Chiropractic Future Charitable Fund, and The Pierce Family have played a pivotal role in making this fellowship possible. Their generous donation is a testament to their commitment to advancing the future of chiropractic. We appreciate Chiropractic Future, Chiropractic Future Charitable Fund, and The Pierce Family for their instrumental role in transforming this incredible opportunity into a reality.